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Holding company in Slovenia

A holding company is a type of firm that allows you to hold shares of other companies. Usually, the board of directors of holdings may have control over other companies.
One of the most significant factors in registering a holding in Slovenia is that a foreign citizen can be a shareholder. However, the country has a law on companies that must be followed by both local businessmen and foreign investors. Companies located in offshore jurisdictions can also be the shareholders of holding companies in Slovenia. 

Besides, holding companies in Slovenia have a special tax regime – the dividends are not taxed. According to the Law on Income Tax in Slovakia, dividend payments are exempt from taxation if they are paid to a shareholder, member of the executive or supervisory body of a Slovenia company. This also applies to holdings holding shares in their subsidiaries.

Setup a holding company

Our lawyers will be glad to assist in setting up a company in Slovenia . We will help you to collect all packages of documents, and open a holding company in Slovenia, as soon as possible.

Procedure and requirements

Main characteristics of holding companies in Slovenia are the holding plays the role of a parent company and may have one or more subsidiaries, the holding company must have enough shares and capital that guarantees it the right to vote in subsidiaries, the holding may control the policy and management decisions of the subsidiary, but cannot carry out its day-to-day activities, holding companies can own various types of assets, including real estate, shares, and even intellectual property rights.


The creation of a holding company in Slovenia implies the preparation of a package of documents that must be submitted to the Commercial Register. Among them, we recall the following:

  • information about the shareholder;
  • the confirmation of the contribution of the authorized capital;
  • the confirmation of the legal address in Slovenia;
  • statutory documents of the holding.

The documents must be submitted to the Register of Companies in Slovenia depending on the structure of the holding company. It is important to note that the Slovenia holding must register with the tax authorities of this country.


Get a bookkeeping solution with our help. We will take care of all the paperwork and business accounting. Financial reporting, management report, and auditor’s report – we are ready to provide you with all these services for your business.

Bank account​

After the successful founding of a company, we will help open a bank account in Slovenia. We will be glad to assist you to find a reliable bank in the Slovenia jurisdiction exactly for your requirements and business goals. And also open a corporate bank account in the Slovenia Republic for a non-resident.


The Slovenian Republic is one of the most attractive countries for setting up a holding company. However, opening a company requires knowledge of the regulatory framework, the selection of shareholders, directors. If you feel that you need more information about business registration, contact us with a consultation request.

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