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Joint Stock Company in Slovenia

 With a JSC, share capital is divided into stock or shares. Business is fully accountable by guarantee of its assets, though the shareholders are not liable for the obligations of the corporation. The legal status of a JSC is obtained by court registration. By signing an act of incorporation, any number of individuals will shape the business.


Joint Stock Company registration conditions

The minimum share capital that can be given is EUR 25,000.00. One-third of the capital of the shares shall comprise shares issued in cash. If the contributions are paid in cash, at least 25% of each share’s minimum pollution total should be paid prior to the filing of the incorporation application. Where the shares are paid partly in cash and partly in the form of an in-kind donation, the shares paid in cash must be paid in full prior to the filing for incorporation.

Monetary payments are charged to the bank account which has been opened and the bank sends a confirmation of the amount paid. Depending on the preferred bank, methods for opening a bank account vary.

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The timing varies, however, it usually takes up to two weeks for the court to decide from the date when the notary files the request to the competent court.


Business must maintain its company address and have its internal bodies. In addition, annual accounts have to be prepared and adopted each year and the applicable tax filings should be made.

Compulsory regulation

  • The shareholders are not visible from the company register, but the Central Securities Clearing Organization (‘KDD’) can receive a list of shareholders.
  • The Registry of ‘beneficial possession’ (UBO Register) and d.d. occur in Slovenia. The actual beneficial owner must be added to the UBO Register.
  • There is a registry of non-possessory liens and pledged movable property in Slovenia, which is a catalog of liens and transfer restrictions and burdens on movable property.


  • Legislation in the form of a notarial certificate.
  • Records for the election of members of the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board (if applicable).
  • Other documents; the incorporators’ accounts, the bank’s certification of payment of cash contributions, the estimate of the cost of formation paid by the organization, the incorporation report, the auditors’ report on incorporation (if applicable), etc.
  • If the incorporator is a foreign natural individual or legal body, the Slovenian tax number, which can be collected from the local tax office, must be acquired (FURS). For international members of corporate bodies, the same applies.

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Companies shall submit annual reports for publication within three months of the end of the financial year and an audited and consolidated annual report within eight months of the end of the financial year.


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Bank account

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